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 • Aircraft Charter Brokerage For Over 25 Years

  • Reliability, Low Costs, Safety, Comfortability

  • Republic Airport - Farmingdale, New York


Aircraft InteriorOn-Demand Charter Services

  • Personal or Business Charters 
  • Avoid Airline and Security Delays 
  • Depart and Return at Your Convenience 
  • Take Direct Flights to Your Destination 
  • Experience Hassle-Free Transportation 
  • Private Consultations 
  • Complete Door to Door Service 


Flying Can Be Civilized Again

Imagine, no more airport and security delays, or long lines of traffic. Decide when and where you want to leave. Ponderosa Air provides private aircraft charters to busy professionals and families. We can make your flying pleasurable and hassle-free, and for less than you might expect. Beyond the flight, our concierge services - such as catering, car rentals and courtesy transportation - will make sure you are taken care of every step of the way.

Enjoy Door To Door Service - Private Conultations

Our local fleet of charter aircraft provides personal charter service to and from anywhere in the United States. We are also pleased to offer service nationwide through our extensive network of affiliates. Our experienced brokers can arrange flights to any destination around the world in a multitude of different aircraft to suit your particular travel and comfort needs.

Take Advantage Of Local Conveniece

Ponderosa Air is conveniently located at Republic Airport, just 40 minutes from Manhattan and a great alternative to busy New York airports. When your travel plans include a departure from, or return to Long Island you will be pampered at our executive terminal which features a comfortable lounge to stretch out or catch up with our wireless internet service. You'll find ample free parking in our well-lit and safe parking area too. Whether you book your charter out of our aviation center or another convenient airport, you can expect first-class service and attention to every detail of your trip.

Experience the Freedom of Charters

Whether it for a business trip or a family vacation, chartering with Pondersoa Air offers you the freedom to set your own flight schedule and save time.

  • Pick a time to depart and return at your convenience, not the airline's. 
  • Eliminate the added time and delays of layovers with a direct flight to the destination of your choice 
  • Decide which local airports are most convenient for your trip, and save the drive time to major airports used by the airlines 

Encounter Safety and Security

Ponderosa Air provides FAA certified on-demand aircraft charter services. We take your safety seriously. all of our planes are rigorously maintained above and beyond FAA regulations. Our staff of experienced FAA Air Transport Certifierd Pilots always have your safety, security and comfort in mind.

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"I wanted to thank the staff of Ponderosa Air at Republic Airport. I live on Long Island and was very impressed with your services compared to other local airports. From the minute I called to the second we stepped foot on the plane, I was totally impressed. No delays and a worry free trip for my family and I. Thanks again and see you again soon." -- James K., Dix Hills